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      About Tajmac Group

      Since 1938, the Tajariol Family has run their machine manufacturing company with one singular focus, “The success of our customer means the success of our company.” As the Milan, Italy-based company grew, they acquired other entities, including, in 2000, the Zlin, Czech-based ZPS. The aquisition of ZPS embodied a group of supporting companies, including the only machine to foundry in Europe, and a separate factory for rebuilding machine tools. These companies have all developed a superior reputation in the European machine tool industry.

      In 2008, ZPS America was formed. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, the independent US facility houses a team of factory service engineers, 25,000 square feet of showroom and demonstration floor, automated parts storage, and training classrooms. And what held true in 1938 still holds true today: we take care of the customer and the company will succeed!