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      CAM_multi_620 ZPS 620 CAM
      The 620 is a 20mm (.787”) automatic bar capacity Multi-spindle with an AC drive for both the spindle and feed. It has 6 cross slides, 6 end working slides and 4 Longitudinal slides in the 1,2,4 and 5 positions. Using the… (more)
      CAM_multi_632 ZPS 632/42 CAM
      The 632 32mm (1.250”) and 642 42mm (1.653”) are automatic bar capacity Multi-spindles with AC drives for the feed and optionally for the spindle drives allowing spindle speeds to be set  in 1 RPM increments… (more)
      CAM_multi_651 ZPS 657/67 CAM
      The 657 57mm (2.250”) and 667 67mm (2.625”) automatic bar capacity Multi-spindles come with an AC drive for both the spindle and feed. The 657 can optionally have a second AC spindle drive allowing… (more)
      CAM_multi_832 ZPS 832/42 CAM
      The 832 (1.250”) and 842 (1.653”) automatic bar capacity Multi-spindles have an AC drive for the feed, and optionally, for the spindle drive allowing spindle speed to be set  in 1 RPM increments. There are 8 cross… (more)