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      ZPS 657/67 CAM

      The 657 57mm (2.250”) and 667 67mm (2.625”) automatic bar capacity Multi-spindles come with an AC drive for both the spindle and feed. The 657 can optionally have a second AC spindle drive allowing each station to choose the optimal RPM for the machining operations performed In each position. There are 6 cross slides, 6 end working slides, and 4 Longitudinal slides in the 1, 2, 4 and 5 positions.  Using the longitudinal slides in conjunction with the cross slides will create two axis movement in these 4 positions, and optionally, can be controlled by CNC for more complex shapes. The slides are independently cammed for optimum feed rates for each position. The spindle carriage is manufactured with a high precision face gear lock up that allows the 657 and 667 to hold much tighter tolerances than your standard multi-spindle. The 657 can also be equipped with spindle stopping, eliminating secondary operations. The 657 and 667 can also can be equipped with an automatic bar loader or set up as a chucker.

      Technical Details 657AC/SAC 667AC
      Main Spindles 6 6
      Max. Bar Diameter 57 mm (2.250″) 67 mm (2.625″)
      Spindle Draw Tube I.D. 66 mm (2.598″) 78 mm (3.070″)
      Max. Bar Feeding Length 160 mm (6.299″) 160 mm (6.299″)
      Spindle Speed Range of AC 200 – 3 200 rpm 200 – 3 200 rpm
      Spindle Speed Range of SAC 200 – 2 750 rpm
      Spindle Stopping no , yes no
      Drive Motor 30 kW 30 kW
      Indexing Time 1,25 s 1,25 s