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      TMZ 842 CNC

      The all new 52mm (2.047″) 8-spindle with 16+1 tool carriers, with up to 3 tools each, is your solution for complex turned parts. With its quick change Capto tooling, the 842 CNC will help you manufacture these parts even more efficiently.The 842 CNC features 8 independently driven spindles with a C-Axis. Through our revolutionary patented drive concept, each spindle puts out 11 kW of power, all while remaining thermally stable.This machine is the only CNC Multispindle that can handle a 2″ bar diameter or a 10″ chucker part. The 842 CNC has a very high rigidity, as well as thermal stability, through its cast iron base.  It can also can manufacture two different simple parts at once – working as a double four spindle.

      Click Here for Application Videos of this Machine

      Technical Details
      Number of Spindles 8
      Max. Diameter of Bar 52 mm (2.047″)
      Max. Bar Feeding Length 180 mm (7.086″)
      Max. Spindle Speed 6 000 rpm
      Max. Drive Motor Output 11 kW
      Spindle Draw Tube I.D. 53.5 kW
      Torque @ 1000 rpm 66 Nm
      Indexing Time 1 s
      End Slides 8
      Cross Slides 8
      Cutoff Slides 1
      Y Axis Stroke 110mm (4.330″)
      Machine Weight