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      We Rethought Rebuilt

      At ZPS America, we don’t rebuild machines to a rebuilt standard , we rebuild to a new machine standard.

      Our process begins with tearing the machine down to its casting, taking every single part off. The machine itself is cleaned, CO2 blasted, and then repainted. The same goes for all the parts of the machine. Each part in the machine is brought back to new standard specifications, including spindle bearings, slides, gibbs, and any other components requiring replacement. The entire electronics system is replaced as well. The newest, state of the art electronics are installed, including new controls.  To finish the process off, the machine is fitted for your special application. To only further prove how much attention to detail goes into our rebuild process, all our rebuilt machines come with a 1 year warranty that includes parts and labor.

      As you can see, at ZPS America, we don’t follow the way others rebuild machines, we think differently. Below are some pictures of our most recent finished projects.