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      No More Waiting!

      ZPS America is not a distributor, we are a US office of the manufacturer, so you can be sure that any part you purchase from us is factory-made and factory-tested. Any parts you purchase from ZPS are the utmost quality and are backed by our 6-month warranty.

      To help ensure that you are purchasing the correct spare part, you will talk directly with one of our engineers who can answer the questions you may have.

      ZPS America currently has over $3 million in spare parts on hand at our Indianapolis facility. This allows us to deliver most parts to your door in 24 hours or less.

      ZPS America is a foreign trade zone. This means we declare our own customs and nothing gets held up at a remote customs location. This unique arrangement means that on the rare occasion when we do not have your parts in stock, we can still get it to you within two business days. This is what helps ZPS America stated out from everyone else in spare parts sales.